Video: Primera etapa. El vídeo en el contexto social y artístico de los años 60/ Book. Jan Laura Baigorri. “Escribir sobre el vídeo es. These installations were also called “video environments”, and they Kuleshov on Film Laura Baigorri:Video: primera etapa Rather than being. Laura Baigorri’s main focus is on Art and New Media. Baigorri combines her Primera etapa () and Vídeo en Latinoamérica. Una historia.

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The play making also counted on a team proceeding from different areas, leaded by Juan Pablo Mendiola. Animation, synchronization and final image The actors work took place in a stage fitted for that purpose, the set.

Steina and Woody Vasulka.

Steina i Woody Vasulka

Maduixa Teatre, the company1. Pascual Peris Staging space: As well as these two kind of transparent or opaque fabrics, one translucent fabric could be used when back projection is required. The scene ends with a whirl of leaves swept by the wind and the night falling. Electronic Arts Intermix,p. The use of back projection meant that the stage required a space behind the screens.

Realitzat per Steina and Woody Vasulka. Cinema has remained linked to theatre since its origins, through the mentioned optic tricks and projection techniques. The scenography was very simple. This is not really an enclosed work, but instead a work in progress, in which mutual influences are continuous.


This team is currently working on the creation of another play called Dot, that will be first shown in Valencia next November. Besides, according to the taxonomy suggested by Iglesiasthe projected or emitted pictures establish three primary links with the happenings onstage: We will not go deeper in this matter since it would require an extensive development. The media produce an emotional effect on an audience.

Now it has been improved with 3d and corporeal perceptions, achieved by stereoscopy and by the contributions of the ludic videogame industry.

At these beginnings, animation and show were intimately linked.

The colour palette contained two blue tones and black. These handmade drawings were scanned and separated into layers in order to make the animation easier. This old and tight relationship has indeed enriched both rtapa. When the choreography of each act was over, a video was recorded and sent to the animators. Theatre, performance and technology: This type of media representation functions dramatically by interacting with the performers as a character in the narrative.

The Buffalo Fine Arts Acadeny,p.

Laura Baigorri

Remember me on this computer. Besides, her creator had contributed to the animation process with some techniques that would be followed by many in the future. Loles Peris Production assistants: Realitzat per Woody Vasulka.

Projectors were placed in vertical, behind the screens. Through digital or manual techniques, the animators put their creations at the disposal of the drama, in a space where image and body languages come together. Patricia Barrachina — Patossa Graphic animators: Illustration Scenes The letters come up from the book. Staging Some technical, narrative and esthetic considerations have to be defined before starting one audiovisual design project intended for a show.


This proposal posessed some very special features that positioned this movie as an unavoidable international example.

Juan Pablo Mendiola Choreographic director: The Brotherhood Probablement, aquest fou l’inici d’una aventura que no va tenir fi: Museu of Modern Art. In general, is possible to project from the central part of the stage front projection.

Laura Baigorri — LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Before starting the production, is advisable to make a colour check session with the projector that is going to be used at the show, touching up colours as needed. But, what drove McCay primfra propose such a staging project, even when animation basis were still not set?

A sensory experience that surpasses the traditional filmic resources offering a kind of product much more close and energetic. Besides, technique may vary depending on the nature of the projection surface, the screen. Sant Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Red was sometimes used to outstand some elements.

A resolute investment in this research work consolidated the group, defining its own language.