In this groundbreaking book, the renowned theoretical physicist Lee Smolin argues that physics — the basis for all other sciences — has lost its way. For more. The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. Lee Smolin, Author. Houghton Mifflin $ Abstract. Lee Smolin’s casual accounting of special and general relativity in The Trouble with Physics raises an interesting question: is it possible to develop a.

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String Theory isn’t the next big thing. There had always been proponents of this idea, which is not new by any means. Of the above, I’d recommend Greene’s work and then try Smolin. The first step is to talk with people like venture capitalists and investment fund managers about how they succeed in diversifying investments in a climate of scarce resources.

So there is not yet a claim that LQG passes all the tests for a good quantum theory of gravity. Aside from the last none of the others seemed to me to be any more convincing than String Theory. To some extent it may also be true that in the evaluation of the promise of string theory, departments took key conjectures as proven.

Strings tell that all of geography is dynamically fixed by vacuum expectation values of fields. Rudolph rated it it was amazing. But Smolin does tend to project such a feeling of superiority, often contrasting the careful and nuanced claims phyaics LQG to the bombast of string theory. I have not received even a draft yet. If you want to call it a universe of multiverses or a multiverse of universes, or balls of string with xmolin limits, no problem, but there is only one of everything that is and isn’t.


Most obviously, only subscribers can read it. Contray or not I am giving both Smolin and Greene five stars, and value the authors beliefs and efforts equally. Mothers get agressive, if you get too close to their children. The books talks a great deal about the things with String theory and its different forms, how it is trying to incorporate general relativity and quantum gravity as well as other major problems of physics.

Dear Thomas, if you ask me, we have plenty of experimental facts that theorists still have to explain. The Cosmic string issue still vibrates in my head Success is measured primarily by faculty positions and grant money, and these flow to string theorists much more than to anyone pursuing other approaches to quantum gravity.

The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next

I may have overstated there. No anomaly is detectable above noise. So let us be unemotional or try to: Wth A network of safari land-rovers communicated among themselves, to share information. I think partitioning Physics into some “Big 5” dangerous animals from Africa is a good metaphor, because Science Research is like “walking into a minefield”. Time will tell, I suppose.

Tom Banks has discussed ideas along these lines. It introduces very recent developments like deformed Special Relativitytheories with a varying speed of lightmodified Newtonian dynamics. One of the major problems, according to Smolin, is string theory: For my opinion Lees objectives were different ones: Anyway, I have genuinely no idea how ST would say anything about vacuum vacuum?


The main kee what has changed since then is the mind of qith people, and what you now see is the Stanford propaganda machine working at its fullest. You check things wity and over and they keep matching. The last part of the book makes clear that its a constructive criticisms, and it sets a starting point for a scientific discussion about the future of theoretical physics.

Even though I could not avoid having the impression that the evaluation of promises and drawbacks in this part is less careful than in the previous part smplin string theory, it is an exciting journey! Smolin notes that many string theorists including himself have often been ill-informed about the exact witu of knowledge concerning crucial conjectures about string theory.

I have a morbid curiosity about these issues, despite being a non-scientist, and your analysis was interesting.

The Trouble With Physics – Cosmic Variance : Cosmic Variance

How do we distinguish between dark energy and matter? The problem is that they are not going to produce a “revolution” in science. September 2, at 5: