No. Léon Degrelle was a foreign correspondent for the paper which first published Tintin, but it had many other foreign correspondents and. All kinds of people have wanted to be associated with Tintin. Léon Degrelle, the founder of Belgium’s fascist party and the leader of its wartime. 11 févr. Nous exigeons la vérité! A la mémoire de mon frère Edouard, assassiné, dans sa maison de Bouillon, devant ses fillettes, par les épurateurs.

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He was arrested as a suspected collaborator and evacuated to France. Here are three examples among many others. Perhaps this had an influence on my political ideas?

Long minutes passed until the mother reappeared. The fall of France, for example, knocked out much of the French press. Later, he explained that he was going through a period of real crisis. Not so, says Pierre Assouline, editor of Lire, a French literary magazine: After a 1,mile flight over portions of Allied-occupied Europe, he crash-landed on the beach at San Sebastian in northern Spain but was gravely wounded and hospitalized for over a year.

Tintin was a triumph.

Tintin in the dock | Life and style | The Guardian

There are also photos of Degrelle at the time wearing knickerbockers, like Tintin. One cannot help remembering [. Secretaries of State, bankers, former CIA agents and senior monopoly media figures. This evening, we will look at the truth.


Degrelle later claimed Hitler told him, “You are truly unique in history. Degrele Castafiore, the opera-singing “Milanese nightingale”, also makes her first appearance in this book. The newly formed party was heavily influenced by Fascism and Corporatism but also included several elements interested solely in Nationalism or Ultramontanism ; it had a vision of social equality that drew comparisons with Marxism but was staunchly anti-communist anti-bolshevik.

Léon Degrelle

On any close examination, this influence appears even to have extraordinarily little importance since one might have expected that, given the specific characteristics of the Jewish spirit, the latter would have played a more brilliant role in this artistic production. The story ends with a thoroughly cynical, if realistic, touch.

And why does he spend so much time hanging around with those incompetent policemen, his bowler-hatted friends, the twins with the mysteriously different spellings of their names, Thompson and Thomson? AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

He tells me, in excellent French, that for everything to do with books tiintin has only 30 thirty! I am not trying to excuse myself. General Wesley Clark, who was director for strategic plans and policy of the U. In Novemberhe wrote a furious letter to Casterman complaining that two Brussels bookshops had stands for other books, but not his.


A huge meteorite is hurtling towards Earth, threatening to pulverise it.

Degrelle Léon – Tintin mon copain

Indeed, to listen to his detractors, you might think that the man had been a fully-fledged, goose-stepping Nazi. Page 1 of 2: And communism has more or less disappeared, under the pressure of the European peoples who have everywhere toppled the statues of the Jew Marx!

He had to make a living. Where is and where was the supposed caricature in Tintin in the Land len the Soviets? The unit was sent back to Wildflecken to be reformed.

The task is enormous and hard. Charles There is a little bit in ‘Tintin the complete companion’ by Michael Farr, but not much more than already stated. Early on, Tintin was able to break out of his small Belgian newspaper – first to be published in France and eventually to be translated into more than 50 languages.

President Bill Clintonthe main instigator behind the U.