GNU enscript is a computer program that converts text files to PostScript, RTF, or HTML formats. Computer Science portal · Official site · Linux Printing Guide. Architecture: x86_ Repository: Extra. Description: Convert ASCII files to PostScript suitable for printing. Upstream URL. If you’re using CUPS printing system, this functionality is included; you won’t need any specific tool for that. Just as Theophrastus indicated in a.

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Please remember that development of Enscript is a volunteer effort, and you can also contribute to its development. It will work only with printers that support double-sided i. Although the output of the dvips command can be redirected, its input cannot be taken from a pipe, but instead, must be redirected from a file.

As a default, special escapes interpretation is off, so all ASCII files print out as everyone expects.

The comments part can contain any data, it is not copied. The default value is 0. For example ” Times-Roman12 ” selects “Times-Roman” font with size 12pt. At the very least you can help by spreading the word to your favorite newsgroups, mailing lists and forums.


I was able to do this using a single command: If num is not given, the default value 2 is used. Ghostview A2ps Ghostscript Trueprint. For example, used fonts can be listed with following comment: Linkx check out an anonymous copy of the repository, use:. In this case, enscript opens a pipe to the specified command and reads EPS data from pipe.

Sign up using Facebook. Possible values for style are: The default is to pass other flags to the spooler command but they must be given before the queue switch. Are you saying I can just lp pdf file directly like this: Here are some examples of printing files with various combinations of the lprenscript2updvipsand psduplex commands.

Replace textfilename with the name of the file you want to convert and print. Special font specification default can be used to select the default body font enscript ‘s default or the one specified by the command line option -f–font.

Tell a Friend About Us. Use of automated download software “harvesters” such as wget, httrack, etc.


enscript(1) – Linux man page

Also, in examples using the lpr commands, you could use the equivalent lp commands. There are currently, guest s and 0 member s that are online.

If default actions have been enscriot from the configuration files, some examples will behave differently. Possible values for format are: Help if you can! If no input files are given, enscript processes standard input.

Unix printing using enscript, dvips, and psduplex

You are an Anonymous user. It can also be found on one of our FTP mirrors. See also option –slice which can be used to slice long lines to separate pages. Currently the encoding can only be the enscript ‘s global input encoding or ps. If you think you have found a bug in Enscript, then please file as complete a ejscript as possible in the Enscript bug tracker on Savannah.

The [switches] are optional settings, as follows:.