Find great deals for Loewe Aconda ACO 38″ i CRT Television. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Loewe Aconda line of televisions combines a completely flat picture tube with Invar Mask that provides crisp, distortion-free images with a high-gloss finish. the last and best CRT TV I ever had was a 32 inch Loewe Aconda. but although these TVs weren’t bad, Loewe was just in a different league.

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Loewe Aconda Standard Televisions user reviews : out of 5 – 18 reviews –

Oct 5, at 5: As far as I could tell, the remote hasn’t changed from qconda models. The menu system also includes an extensive Help section, which is, in fact, very helpful.

Got to the point it became unrepairable – went for a 37″ panasonic plasma instead – very happy, though picture not quite as good as the Loewe. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. Leave this field blank.

The Tree Of Life. Oct 5, at 4: Finally, an IR output passes remote commands to an IR blaster for controlling other devices, and a service input provides deeper access to the set’s functions for a technician.

Loewe Aconda Standard Televisions

This is skimpy and inflexible; many people have at least two component sources ATSC tuner and DVD playerbut no component switching in their receiver or processor. Music From Big Pink. Alistair7Oct 4, I appreciate the model is 5 years or more old but I wonder whether it would still be classed as a high end CRT or did things move on a lot before LCD took over.


Works fine, trouble free, moving to smaller house. The Countdown Will Be Televised.

The woofers are located in tuned chambers rather than venting directly into the TV cabinet, and several audio-enhancement circuits actually improved the sound; I especially liked the simulated 3D mode. The stretch modes include digital line interpolation, which minimizes artifacts.

Despite the fact that the Aconda has no Lpewe tuner, it’s one of the most expensive direct-view digital sets on the market. In fact, this approach is still being used by most manufacturers. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Here We Go Again. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables.

Loewe Aconda 9581XW Any Good?

Dec 30, Messages: Surrounding the tube is a rather large frame; my review sample was finished in Piano Black, a high-gloss finish that’s prone to reflections, which were somewhat distracting in anything other than a completely acoda room. Their current Lowe offerings include the Aconda inch widescreen, direct-view monitor. There are loads of add-ons decoders, Dolby sound systems, PC card etc and most of the second-hand ones I have seen seem to have lots of extras mine didn’t.

I think it’s called “dead, voluminous stock”. Guts Among the Aconda’s many features, the one that Loewe touts most highly is its internal scaler, which includes 3: Looks Like previous generations of Loewe direct-view DTVs, the Aconda cuts a clean, modern figure with a smooth, rounded, aesthetically pleasing shape.

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In addition, consumers loede upgrade their video screens to accept and display DTV images.

Loewe Aconda ACO 38″ i CRT Television | eBay

Oct 5, at 1: With the Aconda, they must manually switch connections and reconfigure the TV’s component input every time they want to switch from one to the other.

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It’s slim and well-designed, with significantly fewer buttons than most remotes I’ve used. I have a 32 inch one for sale Generally regarded as one of the best CRT pictures – there are a couple on eBay at the moment. Loewe Aconda Direct view Unfortunately, this is a chicken-and-egg problem: While Cinema mode worked well with letterboxed material, including broadcast programs such as Enterprise and Babylon 5, I didn’t use any of these modes to stretch standard program material; I prefer to see 4: There are good handholds on the sides near the screen, but there are no handholds at the back of the set, which makes moving this lb behemoth quite difficult.

Oct 6, at