From This Moment On is a book from Lynn Kurland’s de Piaget Family series. In this sweeping, emotional love story, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland takes us back to the thirteenth century-and all the passion. From This Moment On By Lynn Kurland – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Making a man of your fiancee – well, that’s one way to woo! This book is pretty clean, so if you don’t like steamy romances, this would be good for you. I think this is my favorite if the series so far. It made me laugh a few times. What a complete and utter disappointment. In fact, when told that they are going to be married to Colin, most young women find a reason, any one at all, not to be able to marry him.

But it’s never shared why the evil stepmother wants the heroine dead but not the other siblings or the heroine’s father.

Anyway, this book is hilarious and perfect and awesome. Here is an overview of what happens: She was such a coward lybn most of the story that at one moment I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration! Thiz isn’t much good with a sword, but good at keeping watch and eventually she is tasked with escorting a daughter of the house she is now working for, to her betrothed – The Butcher of Berkamshire.

This is where the book goes from entertaining to pure hilarious awesome. As fate would have it, her brother had left his mail and sword in the stables, and Ailenor quickly stole it.

Admittedly, running away could only be a positive move as it would get her out from under Marie. I laughed at the wedding night scene when he broke her nose; I could not help feeling sorry for her. However, despite these flaws, I did get quite carried away At first I was just exasperated by the silliness of it all-Alienore was masquerading as a young knight to avoid her evil stepmother and an unwanted betrothal to the stereotypical brutish manly man. The one that makes this books special for me is that the character is unlikely hero and heroine.


At first I was just exasperated by the silliness of it all-Alienore was masquerading as a young knight to avoid her evil stepmother and an unwanted betrothal to the stereotypical brutish manly man.

So she disguises herself as a knight and flees. She steals her brother’s clothes and become Henri, the knight. I really enjoy her as an author overall.

From This Moment On

The very funny thing is the arrogance of him. Robin is three while William is not yet one. Only her lucky streak is about to end – the nobleman’s daughter is being wedded, and Sir Henri is to accompany her to her betrothed whom Sir Henri will now be expected to kurlabd.

I thought the miscommunication went on a little long, but Alienore’s past did not lend her to trust easily and Colin’s attempts to protect himself emotionally led to doubts about how he would receive her secret. Where did that come thiz Had she no observational skills?? I would have given it an additional star if it had ended in chapter 32 and then ha When I asked my mom to recommend her favorite book for me to read, she picked this one. At this point, she’s not sure whom she fears more, the Butcher of Berkhamshire or her evil stepmother.

View on the Mobile Site. She never made an attempt to learn how to curse so she could fit in.

Unfortunately, as “Sir Henri” ffom, she is now attendant upon Sybil who is being sent to Colin. Ahhh, smelly Colin of Berkhamshire. Ninth in the De Piaget historical paranormal romance series. She didn’t get that far though, falling into service with Sir Humbert’s lady and being assigned to guard his daughter, Sibyl.

She ends up being reluctant squire to Colin, who is determined to make a ‘man’ out of her.


From This Moment on

As usual, the villains and motivations are absurd and without much intelligence or believable motivation, but whatever. This story is rated T, no graphic sex, which doesn’t mean that the sex is all fade to black. They beg their fathers and guardians and they fake ailments. And his vulnerabilities made him forgiveable. Once Marie had married her father, life went downhill rapidly.

Alienore hasn’t h Making a man of your fiancee – well, that’s one way to woo! All to avoid the altar with Berkhamshire. Not that he isn’t better off without a wife – not like he could find one who’d prefer practicing swordfights over gowns and manners.

Book Review: Lynn Kurland’s From This Moment On – KD Did It Edits

What will happen if she is found out? What knight acts like that?? I was a bit worried when I heard of this book. Nov 29, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: I was really excited about this book after reading Gillian and Christopher’s story. Jan 25, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: For the full review, please go to http: I laughed even more heartily at their discussion of what to name their daughter–Colin telling her that Ukrland was a good try was probably my favorite part and that was in the last pages of the book.

I loved seeing Gillian kurlwnd this installment.

From This Moment On by Lynn Kurland – FictionDB

I was powerfully put off with the author’s portrayal of Sybil: Colin of Berkhamshire knows two things–the pleasures of warring and that brides do not want him. Buy from our partners. Alienore and Colin became quite endearing as they mlment their feelings for each other-with some swaying going on for good measure.