Makhzan e Adab By Professor Muhammad Zareef Ahmed · Makhzan e Adab By Professor Muhammad Zareef Ahmed. Description; Reviews (0). There are no. Makhzan e Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher · Makhzan e Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher. Description; Reviews (0). There are no. Makhzan e Adab. By: Jamia Urdu. Material type: materialTypeLabel BookPublisher: Karachi Shoba Tasnefo Taleef o Tarjuma Edition.

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Gunahon Say Tauba Read more. But you might need more than five days to cover Arrival of Arabs, Slave Dynasty, Mughal Rule, Saints and prominent personalities etc to cover.

They cannot be dismissed as local asab, but were part of a long-standing classical tradition which had nourished and sustained them. Ishq e Ilahi Read more. Originally Posted by by chance Thanks farah Bahishti Zewar Read more.

Jahan E Deedah Read more. Home Faculties Urdu Main page. You should buy “Muslim Rule in India and Pakistan” by Muhammad Sohail Bhatti, as the format of answers in this book will address your need.

Guftagu 7 Read more. Originally Posted by by chance. Muhazirat e Seerat Read more.



We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. Ebrat Angayz Bayanat Read mamhzan. Sabaq Amoz Waqiat Read more.

Introduction Faculty Programs Contact. Ghubar E Khatir Read more. Wednesday, October 24, This page was last generated on Monday 18 February at Tarjuma e Quran Urdu Read more.

Makhzan E Akhlaq مخزن اخلاق

Sunehray Huroof Read more. Students are also given writing assignments and selected final year students are required to submit a dissertation carrying marks six weeks after the final examination of the last semester.

Quran and Science Discoveries Read more. Mere Sunehray Safar Naamay Read more. Auliaullah ke Pahchan Read more. Loh e faqeer Read more. Related Products Allah-o-Akbar Read more. Islahi Khutbaat Read more. Haqiqat e Islam Read more. Faqeer Rang Read more. Gunah-e-Bay Lazzat Read more.

Teaching at the Department combines lectures, group discussions and class presentations. Ghulam Mustafa Khan, a prominent scholar and Professor at Urdu College Karachi, was appointed both as a cooperative teacher and as the Chairman of the department. Zikr O Fikr Read more. I need complete Indo Pak paper 1 notes Janha Suraj Nahi Dalta Read more. To this long standing tradition was grafted the considerable literary activity generated by the post influx of Urdu writers from other regions.


The body of work produced then is worthy of greater consideration than some of the Pakistani critics are willing to give presently. Tuesday, January 31, Apni Namaz Darust Kijye Read more.

Makhzan-e Akhlaq

Jameel Akhtar Khan, Dr. Guftagu 4 Read more.

Over 75 people have completed their Ph. The adah of the Urdu scene in what was then East Pakistan was compounded by several other factors, which are beyond the scope of the present article. Minhaj ul Abidin Read more.

Farrah Zafar Makhzan-e-Urdu Adab. How to make Good Notes? Ihya Ulum Al Din Read more. Pakeezah Zindgi Read more.

Nor does it have schools and colleges within its reach Fatawa Usmani Read more. The common heritage also finds an expression in the previous century and beyond.